Freitag, 13. Januar 2012

Announcement: Google's business policy

I had read a lot of postings about the way Google does business and now I made my own experience with that company:
To get something out of my work here and there I became a so called "publisher" with Google by letting them place ads on my blogs. But what a surprise! The moment the revenue got to the limit of $100 (or 70 Euros) Mr. Google "found" something "irregular" on my blogs - just like other publishers already had experienced. It seems, Mr. Google always finds a way not to pay for the ads placed. Of course, they said they had "refunded the fees to the advertised companies". Of course.
Well, in my opinion the FTC should have a closer look into the business practises of Google and especially the "refunds".

However, one thing is clear: Without us bloggers Google has no content and without content they can't place ads. And they make money with ads.
That's why I probably won't go on with my work here.


  1. Sad to hear that you are not going to continue your work. Are you continuing on another blog? Because I really liked your work and I'm trying to get Mac OS working on my X101 too

    1. Well, thank you but under those circumstances i don't want to support Google's greedy and unfair behavior.

      However, I can tell you I got OSX SL working 90% on the Asus X101h by now. So it is possible to get things functioning. It probably needs some more efforts to optimize but I won't try anymore because it's too much work for nothing because of since Google.

      Actually I recommend to cut any business with Google, i.e. no Gmail account or anything else. In my opinion Google has become the most dangerous company on earth because they are spying on the people's personal data - on everything.