Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

Recommendation: Do NOT buy an Asus EeePC X101h

Just a recommendation: Don't buy an Asus X101h or any other netbook with a graphic chip GMA3150.
Yes, in the end I managed to install OS X on the X101h of my friend but it is not possible to have a fitting kext for that low Intel graphics unit. Instead it is only usable with a patched GMA950 driver - however, you can't watch videos on Mr. Greedy Google's Youtube since QE/CI does not work.
Actually I recommend to stay away from all netbooks that have GMA3150 graphics. It's just not worth the efforts. Instead buy an iPad or other tablet.

Eine kleine Empfehlung an dieser Stelle: Kauft kein Asus X101h (oder irgendein anderes Netbook mit GMA 3150 Grafik). In der Tat ist es mir zwar gelungen, OS X auf dem Gerät zu installieren, aber es gibt einfach keinen echten Treiber für die Grafikeinheit. Die volle Auflösung von 1024x600 ist ausschließlich mit dem gepatchten Treiber von NBI für den GMA 950 möglich, aber man hat dann immer noch keine Hardwarebeschleunigung durch QE/CI - was bedeutet, dass man z.B. auf Youtube des Datenkraken und Big Brother Google keine Videos sehen kann und nur Audio hat.
Ein Netbook mit GMA 3150 ist grundsätzlich abzulehnen. Kauft stattdessen lieber ein Tablet.

Freitag, 13. Januar 2012

Announcement: Google's business policy

I had read a lot of postings about the way Google does business and now I made my own experience with that company:
To get something out of my work here and there I became a so called "publisher" with Google by letting them place ads on my blogs. But what a surprise! The moment the revenue got to the limit of $100 (or 70 Euros) Mr. Google "found" something "irregular" on my blogs - just like other publishers already had experienced. It seems, Mr. Google always finds a way not to pay for the ads placed. Of course, they said they had "refunded the fees to the advertised companies". Of course.
Well, in my opinion the FTC should have a closer look into the business practises of Google and especially the "refunds".

However, one thing is clear: Without us bloggers Google has no content and without content they can't place ads. And they make money with ads.
That's why I probably won't go on with my work here.

Installation only with OS X 10.6.3 retail

The trackpad problem (and a lot others) are solved:
Since NBI and iBoot Legacy 2.7.2 are the only bootloaders yet to work I gave it a new try with a retail DVD of SL 10.6.3 and suddendly the mouse/trackpad is working properly. Now I will try to get the rest working, i.e. Audio, Wifi, Ethernet and microphone. One thing appears to be clear by now: the full resolution of 1024x600 is only possible with NBI's patched GMA 950 kext so therefore a bootloader other than NBI will not work.

Das Trackpad-Problem is jetzt gelöst:
Offensichtlich lag es an der Original DVD von 10.6, denn die Retailversion von 10.6.3 hat diese Probleme nicht, wenn man sie mit NBI oder iBoot Legacy bootet/installiert. Momentan habe ich die Installationsprozedur zuerst mit iBoot Legyca 2.7.2 durchgeführt, da damit das Ethernet sofort erkannt wird. Wegen der Auflösung werde ich danach den Bootloader von/mit NBI installieren, da er einen gepatchten GMA 950 kext verwendet.